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  • I love you.
    I love you.
    I echo the sentiments about the emotion on this page. Well done.
  • My little sunshine webfile
    My little sunshine webfile
    The crown of sunshine flowers really drew me in. Love the balance with the asymmetry of the journal entry with the only slightly asymmetrical balance around the central placed photo. It's good use...
  • JOY Ninja
    JOY Ninja
    I think the colors and the tilt work well with the idea of fighting ninja cookies. They are cute cookies and well worth an annual tradition. Enjoyed reading your story.
  • Run
    Those shoe prints running over the page are so cute !
  • 12-13-14
    Love the funky colors on the pictures and then after seeing your video, I'm in total awe ! It's actually been so long since I've done (in a very beginner way) or seen any real paper scrapping. It's...

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