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“We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.” ― Winston S. Churchill

We love seeing your pages in the gallery. If you're new here, please know that this is a community gallery, so come on over to the forums, and say hi, and join in. We have an informal limit of 3 pages per day--unless you're a gung-ho part of the community and then the sky is the limit. Be sure to comment on at least as many pages as you post--again, because we're all about the community. If you've come to share pages you make as part of your work on a creative team, we welcome those pages--and we expect to get to know you--and you us.


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  • CB#188 December 2014 In review 12x12
    CB#188 December 2014 In review 12x12
    I am just extremely impressed by the fact that this is Calvinball layout #188 for you, and the fact that every layout you've made is really nice! (and I totally want to do a month in review series...
  • 2015 Lent 330 Tuck Me In
    2015 Lent 330 Tuck Me In
    love this!  My kiddo sends me texts but doesn't do the sign her name thing-- that is adorable and so great that you have captured it here! I love the screencap photos and your color choic...
  • CB#188 December 2014 In review 12x12
    CB#188 December 2014 In review 12x12
    I love your series Kelly!  It's so fun seeing them all together.  What a great recap of the year.
  • EMS
    I love the kraft background with the dark/bright papers. love the design and that the photos are the star of the page 
  • March
    I love all the little bits on the page, especially on the cat photo

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